I am Rossana Ferreira, I live in a northern town of Portugal. I work as an IT Administrator, mainly Windows Systems, and I love to learn new stuff.

I always liked scratching on a paper, then I started doing it on a PC and when photography entered the digital era and became affordable my interest in photography was able to fly. My first camera (if you may call it a camera) had 900px, zero quality for today's standards. Now I own a DSLR, three 35mm film cameras and I made a pinhole with a 10x15'' box. Entering the dark room and wait for the image to appear is a magical moment. With photography the World is seen with different eyes, there's beauty in every detail. Life is beautiful in all its forms.

Hand in hand with photography came travelling, a desire to know other cultures, see new places, meet new people, learn their history and new expressions.

From here came my other hobbie, programming. Though that's impossible, I wanted to bring my friends in my adventures, the way I found was blogging. I pictured a simple blog where I could share my visions of the sites I visit. I tried Wordpress, didn't find what I had in mind; I went to Joomla, which has a heavy struture; Last november (2018) I searched and I found a blog about React. Next day I enroled an online course and programming entered my life again, after a few years apart. It was a long two month journey but I found in Next.js, Zeit/Now and ButterCMS what I need to continue.

There's a lot to improve but now I am the Captain of my blog, I make my own rules and the dream I'll dream tomorrow is the limit.